The Flour Bakery was established in 2007 by a baker who had a vision of opening her own bakeshop with her mother to share her talent and brilliant skills to the world. She sold the bakery in 2015 to a couple who bought the bakery to give back to their community by raising donations for dog rescue. After a short while of running the bakery, they had decided the bakery would be better in the hands of their first employee they hired, who was trained by the original owner and felt highly passionate about the shop and the products.  She respected the original owner so much for her talent and ideas.

In the summer of 2016, Courtenay Bowman was given a huge opportunity at the age of 20 to take on and buy the bakery she had been working at for almost a year. Her first employee Jana Markovic started that summer and they quickly formed a very special and tight bond. Not only for their love and passion of the bakery but for life.

Within the first year. Courtenay and Jana together as a team accomplished so much. They had such a successful and innovative year.

Courtenay saw so much potential and dedication in Jana and decided to make her a partner as the bakery wouldn’t be the bakery it is today without her.